Crochet Braids – Looking Fantastic And Natural

Crochet Braids are beautiful as well they should be for the time and commitment you need to put into them. But at the end of a long day with the braider you’re going to look like you never looked before and when you realize you’re never again going to flat-iron you’re going to wonder “why did this take me so long?”

This is not the crochet braid of the early century – yes, this century not the 1900s. This was when the crochet braid was first introduced. Now crochet braids houston tx does a today twist on that older style and has really developed something that is a refresh on an older idea.

Crochet braids are so called because the braider does actually use a hook to attach the braids to the underside of your own hair. (There’s loads of videos online if you want to see how it’s done – but don’t look if you’re head sore!)

Today’s crochet braids look very close to the real thing – hair that is. You’ll have a look that most people will assume is really you. Compare with a box braid which while it looks fantastic, no one is going to think you have braids to your butt.

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The start is the ability to cornrow – and as long as you have the basic skill you can add the braids with a bit of skill and some well-placed mirrors. Of course, if that is overwhelming the most effective way of getting the full effect is to have a professional do it for you. That way you’re guaranteed to get them even and properly done all the way around, and you won’t your eyesight with a crochet hook.

Once done, and assuming you take care of them crochet braids can last for eight weeks at a time. Now that really seems worth it.